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Best Rookie Fantasy Fits: Days Two and Three

Updated: May 15, 2021

During DAY TWO (2nd-3rd Rounds), we saw more Wide Receivers land in ideal situations, the 49ers reloading on a potential sleeper RB, and Kirk Cousins welcoming his own personal Grim Reaper to town. If this draft taught us anything, it's that there will be no shortage of rookies to stash for the 2021 fantasy football season. Of course the First Round studs will make the biggest difference, as they always do.

During DAY THREE (4th-7th Rounds) we saw Carolina potentially drafting Mike Davis Jr., and Lamar Jackson gets another weapon.

And while some of the DAY THREE additions are better dynasty adds, we will certainly see some of these selections from the later rounds of the 2021 NFL Draft make a difference at some point this season.

Day Two

Elijah Moore - Dynasty add, Flex/WR4 upside

Super polished, crisp route runner and since the Jets are going to be very bad, he and Wilson will be able to go through growing pains together and make mistakes without repercussions. Moore’s final season at Ole Miss included 8 games with 86 receptions and 8 touchdowns. 10 receptions/1 TD a game is not too shabby.

Rondale Moore - High-end Flex upside, bench depth

I originally called Waddle to the Cardinals, this may actually work out better. Moore was getting first round pick projections before he decided to sit out this year. He also gets Kyler and D-Hop to play with. D-Hop has seen success from his slot receivers in the past. Will Fuller scored 25 touchdowns (even through injuries) playing as the Robin to Hopkins’ Batman for 5 years.

Terrace Marshall Jr. - Dynasty add, fringe weekly streamer

Used to being the 3rd option. Excelled behind Justin Jefferson and Jamar Chase in the National Championship season (3 TD’s in the BCS playoff). Now comes alongside DJ Moore, Robby Anderson, and McCaffery. He will be used as a security blanket and may have some weeks where he wins people games locked in as a Flex/WR3.

Trey Sermon - Potential League Winner, Upside RB3/4, floor very low

This will rely on Mostert's health or if he even gets a solid opportunity. If the 49ers decide to make these guys a 1-2 punch we will see Sermon eat. Before Fields was drafted by the Bears (I thought he sucked) I really thought Trey Sermon was the reason that OSU’s offense was rolling. In a defensive battle against Northwestern he ran for 331 yards and 3 touchdowns… and then followed that performance up with a 193 yard game against Clemson. Him getting hurt against Bama plagued OSU and it was apparent. BUT, now that I am a huge Fields stan, my new take is that they are both very good and this is probably the best situation from any RB in the draft (besides Najee).

Trey Sermon, who was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers on Day Two of the 2021 NFL Draft, celebrates a big play against Michigan State.
Photo Credit: AP Photo/Al Goldis

Kellen Mond - Dynasty add, Monitor but do not draft

Mond’s situation reminds me a lot of a predicament the Cowboy’s were in several years ago. He gives me big Dak Vibes— it honestly might just be because they wore similar colors in college, and were drafted way lower than expected (kidding). In this instance, Cousins = Romo and Kirk needs to be on his A-game every week or the Vikings will be replacing him with someone who will also lose to the Bears frequently for the length of his NFC North career.

Day Three

Chubba Hubbard - Monitor, handcuff to Christian McCaffery

He steps right into the Mike Davis role, can coexist, but also take the job if McCaffery gets bit by the injury bug again. If you drafted McCaffery in Season Long Fantasy Football last year but didn't snag Mike Davis, then you know just how important Hubbard could be. Hubbard scored 21 touchdowns in the 2019 season so he is very capable. This will all rely on how and if the Panthers plan to use him.

Plus, weirdly the Owner’s wife basically made this pick. Probably due to his unique name but at least we know he’ll have someone in his corner for increased usage.

Tylan Wallace - Dynasty add, wait to see how usage unfolds with Ravens WR’s

Wallace is an experienced big-school WR to add to the core. His best season for OK. St. was one where he caught 86 passes for 1491 yards, and found the end zone 12 times. Again, very capable, he just needs to carve out a role.


Stash - Elijah and Rondale Moore, Sermon

Monitor - Marshall, Mond, Wallace.

Handcuff - Hubbard.

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