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Jets Coaching Search: The Top Candidates

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Who are the potential head coaching targets for the Jets this offseason?

There is no doubt that the New York Jets will be looking for a new head coach and staff in 2021. I would even guess that they have already done their research on potential candidates to interview. We will not get into the ineptitude of the current coach, Adam Gase. However, I will provide a top 5 coaching candidate list that fit the culture that Joe Douglas is trying to build.

If the Jets finish the season 0-16 and land the number one draft pick, the job becomes more desirable for a top candidate at head coach. Trevor Lawrence would attract any top coach on the market and the amount of picks that Douglas has acquired doesn’t hurt either. The Jets also fall into the top 5 for amount of money under the salary cap for this offseason. All of these factors will be taken into account by any top coaching candidate.

The biggest question mark and potential concern about the Jets (besides Adam Gase) is ownership. If Christopher and Woody Johnson try to step in and make the next hire for the New York Jets head coaching job, it could be another disaster. For the Jets to field a competitive team, they need to allow GM Joe Douglas to pick his coaching staff and pay up on free agents. They must set up a hierarchy that makes sense. The coach and GM should not hold the same power in an organization and this must be fixed going forward. These are all real concerns but the fans are starting to realize how critical this coaching pick is for the next decade.

Let’s get into the top 5 coaching candidates that I think could be a great fit for the New York Jets, assuming Trevor Lawrence is on the team in 2021:

1. Eric Bienemy, KC Chiefs OC

There is no doubt that Eric Bienemy has earned the opportunity to become a head coach in the NFL. He has had nothing but success under Andy Reid and he has helped develop Patrick Mahomes. His play calling, leadership, and offensive success have primed him to be the top candidate in this coaching market. Any team would be lucky to have him. Hopefully the Jets can pair Trevor Lawrence and Eric Bienemy together for a great duo. He is my clear cut number 1 choice at head coach.

2. Matt Campbell, Iowa State Head Coach

If you want to talk about building a winning culture like Joe Douglas says, you hire Matt Campbell. He has drawn comparisons to Matt Rhule at Baylor and has turned Iowa State’s program around over the last couple of years. This seems like a Douglas move and definitely could see Trevor Lawrence fitting right into Iowa State’s spread offensive scheme.

3. Brian Daboll, Buffalo Bills OC

Brian Daboll has developed Josh Allen in Buffalo about as well as any coach in the NFL could. He coached to his strengths, and helped minimize weaknesses. He has coaching experience all over the league and also was the offensive coordinator at Alabama during their national title run in 2018. There is no question that he has coached under quality leaders and is a bright offensive play caller. Trevor Lawrence’s development as an NFL quarterback would be in the hands of an experienced coach who thrives with situational play calling. If he can develop an inaccurate Josh Allen into a top NFL quarterback, the potential is endless for Lawrence.

4. Arthur Smith, TN Titans OC

After the Ryan Tannehill and Adam Gase experiment in Miami failed, the thought that Tannehill had anything left in the tank was quite unlikely. Arthur Smith calling plays for the Tennessee Titans with Ryan Tannehill playing quarterback was a pair that many did not see working. Smith completely elevated Tannehill’s game and he is now one of the most efficient passers in all of football. Smith could develop Lawrence into a star sooner rather than later. The biggest question mark is if he can lead a locker room. He has a great reputation around the league and seems like a Joe Douglas type of coach.

5. Greg Roman, BAL Ravens OC

Greg Roman is a solid candidate who helped Lamar Jackson develop into a star. Yes, they’ve had struggles this year, however Lamar Jackson’s success as a young talent is undeniable. He and Trevor Lawrence could be a great duo as Roman has coached under John Harbaugh and Rex Ryan. This is another Douglas type hire because of his ties to Baltimore.

Dream Hires:

Dabo Swinney

John Harbaugh

Sean Payton

Mike Tomlin

Bill Cowher

Potential Underdog Candidates:

Robert Saleh

Joe Brady

Patrick Graham

Matt Eberflus

Pat Fitzgerald

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