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Rob's Recap - Week 12

This week's recap is going to be a little different than the past few weeks. I played lineups in both the Thanksgiving day slate, and the standard Sunday slate. I won a few contests on both days which made for a fairly good week. Since there are too many players to cover for both days, I'll drop both lineups in and touch on the highs and lows.

Thanksgiving Thursday Lineup

Sunday Main Lineup


Based on the results of my Thanksgiving lineup, I can't complain. Scoring 183 points will typically put you in position to succeed in most contests, but smaller contests where most participants have similar players, are tougher to win. The Deshaun Watson + Will Fuller and Brandin Cooks stack put me in a nice spot after the first game between the Houston and Detroit. Followed up by Antonio Gibson's 3 touchdown explosion in the second game between Washington and Dallas.

Deshaun Watson

36.12 Points, Price: $7,400

Will Fuller

38.10 Points, Price: $6,400

Brandin Cooks

13.50 Points, Price: $5,300

Texans Defense

16.00 Points, Price: $2,700

Right off the bat, if you didn't play Deshaun Watson and Will Fuller in your lineup on Thursday, it was probably very difficult to profit. They both significantly surpassed their price value which was just flat out fun to watch. Brandin Cooks on the other hand was only 2 points off his price value and a nice choice on the day.

In one of the earlier plays of the game, J.J. Watt took an interception back to the house. After that play, the Texans Defense immediately surpassed their value and they continued to thrive recording a season high 4 sacks on the day. Cheap defenses with the ability to make one big play will continue to be a strategy we love at Roster Up.

The way the game worked out, basically every single passing play I knew I was bound to get points. If you play primetime contests I suggest using this strategy moving forward.

Antonio Gibson

39.60 Points, Price: $6,000

Terry McLaurin

16.20 Points, Price: $7,000

For anyone that listens to the podcast, we've been saying for weeks Antonio Gibson is one of our favorite plays. We've also been waiting for his breakout game and this was it. Rushing for 115 yards and 3 touchdowns he put a beating on the Cowboys defense and it was fun to watch (Sorry Cody who is a Cowboys fan). Terry McLaurin didn't quite reach his value, but you can't complain with 16.20 points on a game where Antonio Gibson stole the show.

I'm not going to touch on much more here. Ezekiel Elliot was extremely disappointing and has become someone I will likely fade the rest of the year due to his inconsistency.


Tyreek Hill single handedly put me in position to win multiple contests. Unfortunately, the entries ahead of mine in three of those contests had Hill as well which didn't work out for me. Other guys on this roster were solid, but not good enough. I knew paying up for Dalvin Cook was risky because of the ROI that I needed, but he's been so good I took the risk. Unfortunately it didn't work out. Similarly, the Justin Herbert + Keenan Allen stack didn't pan out like they have in past weeks. This lineup had a lot of potential, and I'll continue to play guys you see here, but just wasn't the best week for most of them.

Justin Herbert

20.44 Points, Price: $7,200

Tyreek Hill

60.90 Points, Price: $7,800

Denzel Mims

10.70 Points, Price: $3,500

Kyle Rudolph

13.80 Points, Price: $2,800

Now I know I just mentioned Herbert didn't have his best week, but he almost reached his value. If the Chargers offensive line knew the last play was a QB sneak and not to drop back in pass protection, Herbert could've snuck in for a rushing TD that would've put him in the 26 point range. Not his best, but not his worst.

Tyreek Hill absolutely exploded. I thought Will Fuller was the play of the week at WR after Thursday, but Hill decided to put up 13 catches for 269 yards and 3 TDs. Theres not much more to say, its pretty self explanatory that Hill had the perfect game and then some. Mark it down as the most fantasy points score by a player this year, and I don't see it being topped.

Denzel Mims has been someone I've named dropped on the podcast a few weeks in a row and he has panned out all of those weeks. He's emerging as the only bright spot in the Jets offense and if he stays this cheap, I will continue to play him.

After watching the beginning of the game, I didn't know if Rudolph was even playing. He was nowhere to be found and wasn't involved at all. I flipped to a couple different games and when I checked back on him, he had 7 catches for 68 yards. Priced even lower than I usually pay for tight end, this turned out to be an extremely valuable play.

Dalvin Cook, Kareem Hunt, and Keenan Allen didn't perform to their standard. Hunt has been so good this year, but Chubb has re-established himself as the guy and there's no question about it. It's going to be hard to play Hunt moving forward unless he's so cheap that the value is there. Cook and Allen, who are two of the top DFS players this year, didn't explode like they've done so many times already. Cook priced at $9,500 has to reach at least 27 points to hit his value and he wasn't close. Allen wasn't horrible, but still needed way more to reach his value as well. Hopefully this lowers their price a little moving forward.


I can't complain about this week. Some really good plays (mostly on Thursday), and some guys that are normally great that just didn't pan out this week. The process was good in week 12, the results were decent, but they could be better. Stay tuned for more content for the upcoming week 13.

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