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Rob's Recap - Week 13

In the multiple seasons I've competed in daily fantasy sports, Week 13 of the 2020 NFL season yielded my best results to date. It's an exciting feeling when you put a process together, trust that process, and it pays off. Something I look for if a player doesn't reach their value is for them to at least reach double digits. This past week, every position on my roster hit double digits and then some.

Jared Goff

27.14 Points, Price: $5,800

If you listened to the Week 13 podcast, I mentioned I was paying down for QB this week. After constructing multiple lineups, a Goff play fit best here. I've mentioned in previous weeks, I like to play guys going up against, or on the Arizona Cardinals. Their no huddle offense provides a fast paced game which allows for more stats and points. This was my theory with Goff. Cardinals opponents have scored a ton of points this year and I thought if Goff could do the same I would be in good shape at his price. The same theory led me to the double stack with Kupp and Woods.

Austin Ekeler

10.80 Points, Price: $7,100

Ekeler was another guy we talked about on the podcast. He was in a great position to succeed coming off of a 24 point Week 12 where he was targeted 16 times out of the backfield. Now, he didn't turn out the way I thought he might this week, but it wasn't the worst thing because it led to my Patriots defense play that exploded. I still like Ekeler and the Chargers weapons going forward at the right price.

Nick Chubb

17.60 Points, Price: $7,700

This week, Cody and I reiterated that Chubb was a cheaper priced Derrick Henry with very similar upside. In a game where Baker Mayfield stole the show, Chubb scoring 17.60 points and falling in the end zone from the one is pretty darn good. He was only a few points off his value, but I can't complain with a 17.60 point showing. If Chubb continues to be priced down, I will continue to play him.

Cooper Kupp

15.30 Points, Price: $6,100

Robert Woods

18.50 Points, Price: $5,900

I'm putting these guys together because the thought process was the same for both of them. This was the same thought process that led to my Goff play as well. A division game on the road where the Cardinals typically play extremely fast paced football, this triple stack turned out great. This play also allowed me to leverage myself over other players in the contests I was in. The contest I finished top 5, I was likely the only person who had a triple stack of Goff, Kupp, and Woods. Since they all came to play, it gave me a huge advantage. These receivers are priced so low for their value. I would argue you get very similar value starting Kupp and Woods over a Thielen and Jefferson stack which will cost you significantly more money. Depending on the game situation, a Kupp/Woods stack could very well be in my cards going forward.

Corey Davis

38.20 Points, Price: $5,100

Easily the play of the week. Paying up at running back, followed by the Kupp/Woods double stack forced me to pay down for my third receiver. Shout out to Cody for opening my eyes to Corey Davis. I'm not sure how I missed Davis all these weeks. He has been so consistently good this year and I had no idea. Scoring 38.20 points priced at $5,100 is unheard of. This play definitely put me in position to win since most people played AJ Brown over Davis. Corey Davis is someone I'm very interested in moving forward due to his price and consistency.

Anthony Firkser

10.10 Points, Price: $2,500

Paying down at tight end has been the name of the game this year. After Jonnu Smith was ruled out, Firkser was thought to be the main pass catching tight end in Tennessee this week. After a frustrating first half of Titans football, and even a frustrating third quarter for Firsker, he woke up on the last Titans drive of the game. On that drive he pulled in multiple catches for about 40 yards. Prior to the drive he had about 2 points, after the drive he was sitting at 10.10. Talk about a late game save from Anthony Firkser.

James Robinson

22.80 Points, Price: $7,300

I mentioned on the podcast how disrespected I think James Robinson has been all year. He is consistently a top 5 running back this season and continues to be overlooked by so many. I'm glad I went with my gut and played Robinson who performed again. 22.80 points, that probably should've been more had Mike Glennon not threw a terrible interception in overtime, was right around Robinson's value. The guy is a workhorse and someone the Jags depend on. STOP OVERLOOKING JAMES ROBINSON!

Patriots Defense

31.00 Points, Price: $2,400

Another reason we want more people to listen to the podcast was my Patriots defense call. The only defense I mentioned on the podcast I loved this week and look what they did. This content is meant to help our listeners! For whoever listened, I hope you played Patriots defense. Priced only $400 above the lowest priced defense of the week (Jets), this was an amazing play. Veteran defensive backs overwhelmed rookie Justin Herbert, and 2 special teams touchdowns put Patriots defense in an amazing spot. Imagine somebody predicted this to happen days before it happened. Man, I'd love if there were a podcast out there giving sound advice based on real statistics...

Tune into the RosterUp podcast this week to hear Cody and I talk Week 14 game theory and plays. See you next week.

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