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The Simbull Bills: A Safe Investment With Long Term Upside

When you think about the Buffalo Bills, it’s still hard to fathom the idea that they are pass happy and exciting, but that’s exactly what they have become.

Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills leads his team onto the field before a game.
AP Photo/Adrian Kraus

Why Invest in the Buffalo Bills on Simbull?

The perception has always been that of a gritty, below average team until the Sean McDermott hire. A phenomenal selection by an organization in dire need of a futuristic thinker. In fact, a lot of underperforming organizations should take a page out of the McDermott book, or maybe just take the whole book because the Bills realized they needed upside to get ahead. People aren’t coming to Buffalo unless you overpay them or they have limited options on the market, so you must build internally and do it well. The Bills took that concept, made some smart trades, developed their draft picks, and combined it with a high risk, high reward selection in Josh Allen. I don’t believe Allen would have been successful in most organizations, but the Bills decided they weren’t going to make the young Quarterback fit into a certain system. Instead, they built the offense around his strengths.

Year 1, they didn’t ask him to do more than run and learn. He had some awful moments and looked like the raw, inaccurate passer we knew he was coming out of Wyoming. However, year 2 saw significant progression but we still weren’t overly impressed with what he was doing. The glimpses of upside remained, and the Bills set off to disrupt the league. They spent the offseason accumulating talent to surround Josh Allen while strengthening a solid Offensive Line. However, the key was Brian Daboll’s innovation on the offensive side of the ball. We knew the Bills wanted to throw and be more aggressive but I’m not sure anyone expected them to be top 3 in pass rate over expectation and have games where they threw the ball nearly 70% of the time. In fact, they became one of the most fun teams to watch and left us salivating for more as Josh Allen threw for 4,544 yards and 37 TDs while grading as the #7 Quarterback, according to Pro Football Focus. The point is, the Bills are forward thinkers maximizing the immense upside Josh Allen offers.

These are the organizations I personally want to invest in and it’s why I’m buying the Simbull Bills for the short and long term.

The primary issue is the current price at $55.37 so I prefer to wait for a slight pullback to the $50-52 range before investing. As I’ve discussed multiple times, this market offers as much opportunity and upside as Josh Allen so there is still plenty of room to grow. Let’s think about this beyond 2021, if the Bills do what we expect, then they should average approximately 9-10 wins per year over the next 5 years so even if the market pulls back, you are receiving plenty of dividends while maintaining Super Bowl caliber upside on a yearly basis.

The Buffalo Bills Can Consistently Win The AFC East

Once Brady left for Tampa Bay, the AFC East became a wide open division. While Bill Belichek remains one of the greatest coaches of all time, last year proved how difficult it is to win without a good quarterback. Now, maybe a fully healthy Cam delivers as he did in Weeks 1-3 but I'm not sure Newton's long term sample size is enough for me to fear him and I'm not sold on Mac Jones being that great. He is certainly a fit in New England but I'm simply not sold on the Patriots being anything more than a Wild Card and occasional division contender with him at the helm. The Dolphins are certainly a team building extremely well but it all comes down to how good can Tua be? Realistically, no one knows, but I do expect him to perform far better than his rookie season. He was coming off a devastating injury and being thrown into an offense built for Ryan Fitzpatrick. I don't think it was wise to throw Tua in the mix midway through the season as his confidence seemed to take a serious dip but the plan seems for him to be more aggressive in 2021 and beyond. I find this a good thing for Miami's outlook and I do expect them to contend for a playoff spot but the Bills are just flat out better across the board and if Allen continues to improves, then I'm taking the Bills over the Dolphins every time. Short term, no one is worried about the Jets, but long term? They are the only team I actually fear can dethrone the Bills in 3-4 years. They are building the team to succeed for years to come and have incorporated a similar goal of building around their young stud, Zach Wilson. I do believe the Jets have a legitimate shot at reversing their longstanding curse by becoming a consistently successful organization over the next 5 years. I'm still taking the Bills because, unless things really go south for them, they should dominate this division unless, or at least until, the Jets can tap into the upside they are creating.

How Do I Invest in the Simbull Bills?

I'm glad you asked! All you need to get started is promo code "rosterup". Go to and enter that code to receive a $10 credit with ANY first deposit. While we are excited for the prospects of SimBull, it's still a speculative market so make sure you understand that before putting real money into it. Our plan at Roster Up Media is to approach each team from a micro and macro view so that expectations are well managed prior to purchase. This isn't investment advice, rather, it's what we would/are doing in this particular situation.

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