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The Simbull Dolphins: It's All About Tua

The Miami Dolphins are a team with plenty of draft capital and investments, but that doesn’t guarantee success.

Tua Tagovailoa scrambles to throw the ball in a game against the New York Jets on October 18th, 2020.
Lynne Sladky / Associated Press

Should I Invest in the Simbull Dolphins?

Tua Tagovailoa was a pick I loved coming out of Alabama but the devastating hip injury he suffered was always going to prevent him from a successful rookie campaign. It limited his training and practice time, thus creating a great opportunity for Ryan Fitzpatrick to have another shot at the playoffs. With an offense designed around his strengths, Fitzmagic was performing enough to hold off Tua. However, the staff had other plans and decided to thrust the rookie into the starting role midway through the season. The problem was that he clearly wasn’t ready. It could have been a combination of things, but ultimately it was just too early for Tua and the hope is that they didn’t crush his confidence before he gets going.

I think Tua is going to be fine as a passer and will be more aggressive this year. Reports are that the staff is pushing him to go for it similar to Fitzpatrick while also customizing an offense around his strengths. Miami has invested a ton of draft capital into this team but the rebuild ultimately hinges on how good Tua can be. I do think he improves drastically compared to last year but I’m a little nervous that the #31 graded quarterback, according to PFF, never gets into the top third of quarterbacks in the NFL.

When I analyze their price per share at $48, I get very hesitant because they are priced as the ninth most expensive team on Simbull.

This team has quite a bit of talent and should have another solid campaign, but it's hard to have belief in their 2021 outlook and beyond at this price.

Will the Dolphins Win the AFC East Division?

The AFC East was a wide open division coming into last year with the Bills edging out the Patriots and Dolphins as favorites to win the division. As the season progressed, it was clear that Buffalo is here to stay and has built a team to succeed for years to come. New England is building for a major comeback and we all know that Bilicheck won’t stay down for long but the Bills should win the division again this year with the Patriots at their heels. I know the Jets won’t compete for the division this year but they are building their team really well and I’m a believer in Joe Douglas and the unproven coaching staff. I think the Bills continue to roll for a couple years but it’s the Jets who present the greatest challenge to their success 3-5 years down the road rather than Miami. The Dolphins need Tua to hit and become a top 10 quarterback in this league if they are going to dethrone Josh Allen and the Bills while holding off the Patriots and Jets in the long run. I clearly don’t see this happening and for that reason, I’m holding off on buying the Dolphins until Tua is elite or their share price falls into the bottom half of teams on Simbull. Even if this market continues to gain interest, I need to be able to find value in the short and long term and the Simbull Dolphins simply don’t provide that to me at this time.

How Do I Invest in the Simbull Dolphins?

I'm glad you asked! All you need to get started is promo code "rosterup". Go to and enter that code to receive a $10 credit with ANY first deposit. While we are excited for the prospects of SimBull, it's still a speculative market so make sure you understand that before putting real money into it. Our plan at Roster Up Media is to approach each team from a micro and macro view so that expectations are well managed prior to purchase. This isn't investment advice, rather, it's what we would/are doing in this particular situation.

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