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Simbull Giants: Is Danny Dimes Worth a Nickel?

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

All organizations hinge on the Quarterback and the New York Giants are no different. If you're investing In the Simbull Giants then you are banking on Gettleman, Garret and more importantly, the development of Daniel Jones.

Daniel Jones walks out of the New York Giants Locker room.
Photo Credit: Matthew Swenson/New York Football Giants

Why Invest In The New York Giants On SimBull?

The case for the Giants comes down to whether or not you believe the organization has the assets in place to succeed. For me to put my money towards an investment, especially if its long term, then I need to know who is the GM, Coach and Quarterback? For the Giants, that's Dave Gettleman, Joe Judge and Daniel Jones. Let's put all aside for a moment and say Gettleman, Judge and, to greater extent, Jason Garrett, are all making the right moves and have this organization on track.

It then comes down to the development of Daniel Jones. A surprisingly athletic quarterback with a knack for being mistaken as Eli Manning when he walks into room.

He had some bright moments during his rookie campaign and showed signs of upside which created a fair amount of hype for him during the 2020 season. While he came out flat and it was a brutal season for the Giants offense, we can chalk some things up to Nate Solder's opt out and Saquon's injury.

2021 Outlook for the Giants

Now, as we roll into the 2021 season, the offensive line returns Solder with hopes the loss of Kevin Zeitler during free agency is minimal. Barkley might be coming off a brutal injury but he should be good to go by the start of the season and the Giants did add some weapons to Danny Dimes arsenal during the offseason. The Kenny Golladay signing should help immensely as Jones now has someone else to sling it down the field. His on target catch rate of 86% is significantly higher than last year's receiving corps of 80% and regardless of how I might view the Kadarius Toney selection, he's an explosive player with big play potential if used correctly. Overall, the Giants have the skill position players, in addition to Engram and Shepherd, to help Daniel Jones take that third year leap. If the offensive line can outperform its abysmal bottom 5 talent then we just need the coaching staff to place Jones in right spots throughout the season and this team could legitimately have a shot at the wide open NFC East which would skyrocket their value and increase win payouts (dividends).

The Third Most Valuable Franchise

The final argument for investing in the Simbull Giants is simple, they are the third most valuable franchise in the NFL. I do think as Simbull's popularity grows, then the most valuable franchises have the greatest upside. Currently 22nd in list price, the Giants are relatively cheap compared to the rest of the NFL market so there is some value there. If Jones can take a nice leap then expect that stock price to rise. If Simbull takes that leap? Then expect the SimGiants market cap to outpace less valuable franchises currently ahead of them in price.

The Case Against the Giants

The biggest issue with the Giants simply comes down to the GM and Coach. I said earlier, let's assume the executives and coaching staff are making the right decisions for this franchise so now let's assume they aren't. For me, it's not an assumption, I think the Giants have some incredible weapons but I don't expect the current regime to maximize their potential. Dave Gettleman has made some very questionable decisions during his tenure and refused to address the issues along the offensive line. We've all questioned the Barkely pick, and I get it he's a stud, but it's a terrible investment from a football perspective. How many times before are we going to see team with minimal investment at the running back position playing in late January before people understand the replaceability at that position. However, the real crime is their refusal to address the offensive line issues.

If you have a young, struggling quarterback looking to make a third year leap, then maybe you should fix his protection.

What's worse than the offensive line is Jason Garrett. I can't fathom that hire when you have a team perfectly capable of spreading the ball around. Garrett took a kid who should be in shotgun, put him under center and told him to hand it off half the time. With zero creativity and efficiency, I can't reasonably assume that the Giants are doing the best for Daniel Jones. With defensive regression a real thing year to year, this offense is likely going to be forced to put up points. The problem? The guys developing Daniel Jones simply don't have me excited for his prospects this year. If I'm buying the Giants, I'm doing it because of their value relative to other stocks. They have upside in this market but I really need that regime to call Brian Daboll and the Buffalo Bills for some advice on how to maximize the skillset of a young Quarterback.

How Do I Invest In The SimBull Giants?

All you need to get started is promo code "rosterup". Go to and enter that code to receive a $10 credit with ANY first deposit. Please note, that while we are excited for the prospects of SimBull, it's still a speculative market so make sure you understand that before putting real money into it. Our plan at Roster Up Media is to approach each team from a micro and macro view so that expectations are well managed prior to purchase. This isn't investment advice, rather, it's what we would/are doing in this particular situation.

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