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Curse Reversed? The Upside of The New York Jets

Yeah, I know what you're thinking, we've heard that one out of New York before. Thing is, I'm not from the Big Apple nor do I have any bias towards the Jets. Honestly, I'm just hoping the fellas at Jet Up get the happiness they deserve. Point is, if I think the Jets are turning things around then I probably believe it for football reasons, not for fandom. logo next to The Jet Up Podcast logo, part of Roster Up Media Network.
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The State of The Jets

As you know by now, we kicked off a series here at Roster Up Media by analyzing the upside of SimBull. Now, we're ready to analyze each NFL franchise. Let's kick it off with the New York Jets, a team that I believe is slightly undervalued on Simbull with plenty of long-term upside. Outside of a couple 10 win seasons, the Jets have been abysmal for two decades and a lot of it has to do with the organization from the top down. When Woody Johnson bought the Jets, I'm sure he envisioned more than 5 seasons with 10+ wins and so did Jets fans. There's no need to discuss previous regimes and the guy Peyton Manning handed a career to. We only need to look forward.

When the Jets hired Joe Douglas, I knew they were shifting focus towards a more intelligently built team as long as they just left him alone. He's made his share of mistakes with the Eagles and Jets but I believe his process will yield good results over the course of time. Once Gang Green eliminated Peyton's charity, Douglas finally had full control and, to a poorly run organization's credit, they did what smart teams do, they got out of their GM's way. You hired the man to do a job, so let him do it. I'll let the pros analyze every offseason move by the Jets but Joe Douglas made what should be a great hire in Robert Saleh: a leader, motivator and much needed culture shock. He then bolstered the offensive line to protect a young Quarterback who seems to be overlooked relative to other quarterbacks selected in recent years. Douglas and company then added talented skill position players throughout the draft to give Wilson the help Darnold never had. He knows that this is his shot to succeed as a GM and he must surround his greatest investment with as many quality assets as possible. They still need a true number one wide receiver on the outside, but Elijah Moore and company will do for now. The real world Jets seem to be brushed off as much as the SimBull Jets and this is where the value comes into play.

The SimBull Jets: A play on upside

There is value to be found in an organization who seems to be trending in the right direction and is the 7th lowest priced team on SimBull. Currently going for $40 per share at the time of this writing, the Jets have increased nearly 50% in the last month as the platform's growth continues to accelerate. We haven't even gotten into football season yet and the SimBull NFL valuations are already skyrocketing. Speaking of valuations, I think part of the value is found in the Jets real world worth. According to Forbes, they are the 6th most valuable franchise in the NFL at $3.6 Billion as of this year. When I think in terms of a 5 year investment, two things come to mind: Can this team consistently compete for the playoffs? and Does the teams real world valuation allow ample opportunity for vested interest? For me, the answer to both of those questions is a resounding yes. I clearly think the Zach Wilson led Jets will be a perennial playoff contender and I also think the leagues 6th most valuable franchise will have plenty of cash injected into its SimBull stock due to the size of the local market. These are independently enough to warrant interest. Combining the two? Now you've got my undivided attention.

Are the simbull jets a short term or long term buy?

Keep in mind, there are multiple of ways to approach SimBull, that's why I find it best break down each team individually. If you're looking for win payouts and immediate returns on the 2021 NFL Season, then the SimBull Jets probably aren't for you. However, not all investments are going to provide immediate returns and sometimes you have to be patient. That's why I plan on being patient with the New York Jets. I think the short term lift will be there since they are the 7th lowest priced team on a growing platform but I'm really only buying them for the long haul.

The cumulative win payouts, massive local market, young QB, hungry head coach and a General Manager building with the long term in mind all have me salivating at the long term upside of the SimBull Jets.

That said, they're still the Jets so nothing is guaranteed. That organization has destroyed the souls of New Yorkers more than Brady himself. That's why we always urge caution when using your real money on something. Heck, I'm not even telling you to buy the Jets, I'm just analyzing why I think they have upside and telling you why I would invest my own money in them. Besides, when I started using SimBull, I wanted to think from a macro standpoint and I hope that was communicated clearly. This is a unique platform that requires strategic thinking and big picture analysis. There's plenty of great content to provide week by week analysis on price fluctuations, market cap and volume. However, if I'm putting my money into a platform I want it to be for the decade, not just the day. That's why I want to talk through each team, differentiate their situations (short term/long term investment) and decide whether or not I would put my own money in them so that you can independently make the best decision for yourself when it comes to a team like the Jets.

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  • Before participating, decide if you are a short term or long term investor

  • Manage expectations: Is this a 2021 investment or a 2025 one?

  • The Jets have long term upside with some short term value

  • The New York market could create increased vested interest in the SimBull Jets

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