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The Simbull Patriots: Does the Price Match the Upside?

When two goats fight they set out to prove the other wrong. Well, Tom Brady did his part and now Bill Bilichek is determined to get the Patriots back in title contention.

Bill Bilichek, head coach of the New England Patriots, celebrates a Super Bowl victory.

Are The Simbull Patriots a Good Value?

What we saw last year from the New England Patriots was something no one has seen since the 90’s. Think about that for a second. In a league created to be wide open year after year, the Pats managed to stay on top for nearly two decades. Considering free agency, trades, injuries and natural regression, New England did something we may never see again so take a step back and appreciate it for what it was. Could you imagine buying the Simbull Patriots in the year 2000? Two decades of dividends and Super Bowl upside could have bought you the Simbull Bengals a month ago. Maybe Patrick Mahomes can be that consistent but two decades is a long time to maintain, not just success, but elite level play.

After watching Brady hoist the Lombardi without him, Bilichek set out this offseason to turn things around. He finally realized you need talented players if you don’t have an elite quarterback. No matter how good and strategic you are, it’s hard to win 12 games without a hall of fame signal caller. Bill threw the bank at some talent in the offseason and drafted Mac Jones to be his quarterback of the future. I’m not the biggest believer in Jones but he is a solid fit in the New England offense so he has a chance to be good, but I don’t think he will be great. That’s what makes investing in the Simbull Patriots so difficult. I think New England has a nice year and competes for a wild card spot if Cam is healthy or Mac Jones shows signs of upside. However, with a share price ($45.20) right in the middle of the pack, we need to consider what the Patriots can do outside of 2021 as they are no longer the dominate force in the NFL.

Will the Patriots Return to Dominance in The AFC East?

With the Bills showing no signs of slowing down, I don’t expect New England to run away with the division for a long time. In fact, the Patriots aren’t anything more than a wild card contender for 2021 and beyond. I do expect a better campaign than 2020 as they had multiple opt outs and an inept offense after weeks 1-3. A healthy Cam was rolling early in the season, but a healthy and consistent Cam isn’t something we’ve seen in nearly 6 years so let’s not hold our breath for a return to greatness. I’m also not holding my breath for Mac Jones although I think he will be fine as quarterback in New England.

However, I don’t envision elite level play unless he just matches the brilliance and tenacity of Brady which are rare traits in any athlete. It’s why he’s the greatest of all time and the probability of repeating that is simply too low for me to bet on. When it comes to the future of the AFC East, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the New York Jets are the greatest threat to the Buffalo Bills, not the Dolphins or Patriots. For that reason, I’m out on the Simbull Patriots as an investment at their current share price. I think they will be fine if you choose to buy them but I’m seeking upside in this market and it seems they are priced according to their upside so maybe it's best to classify them as a safe investment with a low ceiling.

How do I invest in the Simbull Patriots?

I'm glad you asked! All you need to get started is promo code "rosterup". Go to and enter that code to receive a $10 credit with ANY first deposit. While we are excited for the prospects of SimBull, it's still a speculative market so make sure you understand that before putting real money into it. Our plan at Roster Up Media is to approach each team from a micro and macro view so that expectations are well managed prior to purchase. This isn't investment advice, rather, it's what we would/are doing in this particular situation.

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