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The Future of Fandom: How SIMBULL is Changing the Game

SimBull's logo beside Roster Up Media's logo as they partner up for the future of fandom.

Gone are the days where kids grow up committed fans of their local team and SimBull knows it. Sure, that still happens, but fandom is now born out of stardom. A kid growing up in Detroit is no longer a guaranteed Lions fan. Now? That kid is a Patrick Mahomes fan, therefore, he's a Chiefs fan. People now have access to players at unprecedented levels because Social Media allows us to watch their highlights at will. We don't rely on ESPN for 10 second highlights anymore, we rely on Twitter. We can watch as many #PatrickMahomes highlights as we want by typing in a simple hashtag. Plus, we now have NFL Sunday Ticket and Redzone. We are no longer bound to some garbage matchup between the Eagles and Giants in the midst of subpar seasons. Instead, just flip over to Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers going at it for some real entertainment. You know why we want Brady vs Rodgers? Because you probably bet the over, stacked the Bucs on Draftkings and have Davante Adams in season long fantasy football. The point is, how we watch, root and show interest in sports has changed dramatically. The only thing missing is combining your love of "Day Trading" with your betting and fantasy football habits.

That's where the ultimate disruptor, SimBull, steps in. They have developed a platform to buy and sell stock in any NFL team you want. Of course, they have your favorite MLB and NBA team too, but let's be real, we're here for the football.

Is SimBull Worth It?

Absolutely. Unless you've been living under a rock, then you know the World is changing. The popularity of sports cards, cryptocurrency explosion, and rise of NFT's have created an open minded market of buyers more than willing to invest in alternative assets. We crave uniqueness and upside these days. What's more unique and has tantalizing upside like an investing platform that allows you to actually invest in Joe Burrow for the next decade? Nothing.

What is the Buying and Selling process like on SimBull?

Overall, it's pretty simple. Once you create an account, simply go to the Tradeblock tab, select the team you would like to purchase, and then click Buy. SimBull also offers a high level

List of teams on SimBull for which you can buy stock. The Bengals, Browns, Chargers, Cowboys, Falcons and Jaguars are all available for purchase in addition to the rest of the league.
Simply buy and sell on SimBull.

view of each team before you buy. Like the actual stock market, you can quickly see the price fluctuation along with overall market cap for each team. As SimBull grows, so will these market caps. I don't expect the most valuable franchise in the world to remain at a cap of $4682.00 for very long and in full disclosure, I have already invested in the SimCowboys.

One of the most unique aspects about the platform are the dividends, otherwise known as Win Payouts. For each share you have invested in an NFL team, you receive a $0.50 payout on that share for each game won. This will certainly impact the short and long term value of each team and it explains why the Houston Texans are bottom of the barrel in share price. With zero talent and potentially no Deshaun Watson, returns will be minimal from a share price and win payout perspective in 2021 and beyond.

How Will I know What to Buy on SimBull?

That's where we come in. Roster Up Media is built to provide insightful analysis for football fans and SimBull NFL fits the bill. Since launch, all teams have risen in share price which is expected in a free and open market with momentum on its side. This won't last forever, but with the NFL's popularity refusing to slow down, it should continue for now. Each team on SimBull is its own stand alone investment and the share price will be indicative of the team's current performance (SimBucs) along with its future outlook (SimBengals). Therefore, we will be producing a series of articles analyzing each team's share price and potential. If a team drafted a young quarterback, such as Zach Wilson, then the investment expectations will differ from current Super Bowl contenders. Not all the young guns will pan out but I think the fellas at Jet Up are going to like what I have to say about whether or not I would invest in the Jets long-term. However, there's certainly downside to discuss with each team so we will be sure to the cover all angles similarly to how our DFS and Season Long teams advise you week to week.

If you can't wait for the release of each article then I think there are rewards for getting into this market early so don't be afraid to jump right in. Early adopters create leverage for themselves by beating others to the punch. As this market inevitably becomes more popular, well, you know what they say, a rising tide lifts all boats. Regardless, if you take a step back to observe how fans engage with sports, then you likely come to the same conclusion I did: SimBull is how they do it next.

All you need to get started is promo code "rosterup". Go to and enter that code to receive a $10 credit with ANY first deposit or simply click here.


While we are excited for the prospects of SimBull, it's still a speculative market so make sure you understand that before putting real money into it. Our plan at Roster Up Media is to approach each team from a micro and macro view so that expectations are well managed prior to purchase. Stay Tuned!

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