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Week 3 DFS Player Pool

As we collect more data on this season, we must remember that there is still ample room for leverage due to the incredibly small sample sizes weeks 1 and 2 provide.

Saquon Barkley smiles during a game for the New York Giants.
Saquon Barkley, Credit: USA Today Sports

Draftkings Stacks to Target

With so many good games on this slate, it was incredibly difficult to narrow down my stacks. Some of the teams I worked through were the Titans, Giants, Chargers, Chiefs, Bengals, Ravens, Jaguars, Cardinals, Rams, Bucs, Seahawks and Vikings. I'm not going to have all of those in my player pool but it makes the point that you can go several directions this week and have a ton of upside built into your lineups.

Justin Herbert and a Pass Catcher

I'm pretty sure this is a Rob special. That man loves Kenan Allen like I do my own child so why not roll with him in what should be a must win shootout game for both teams. Herbert is priced all the way down to $6500 going up against a pass rush that has struggled thus far. For whatever reason, Chris Jones is playing defensive end and that is clearly not working for the Chiefs and with him questionable and Frank Clark out, the Chargers should have no trouble moving the ball. Allen is my favorite stacking partner but Ekeler and Williams are both fantastic plays. Kansas City surrenders over 5 yards per carry and they clearly wanted to get Ekeler the ball more through the air last week. On the other side of the ball, you know what to do. Bring it back with your favorite Chief and enjoy the show. My favorite is Hill then Kelce but a mega cheap Clyde Edwards-Helaire will find his way into my lineups as well.

Matthew Stafford with Kupp and/Or Woods

This whole article is apparantly me stealing Rob's plays. What can I say? Kid's been running hot. We covered this extensively on the Week 3 DFS show but you can't run on the Bucs. You just can't. You have to throw and in a pace up game with two top 6 teams in pass rate over expectation we should expect the Rams passing offense to keep the momentum going. Kupp has the best matchup between the two so he should continue to produce while the Robert Woods game is certainly coming. The prices are cheap enough to double stack but if you need a cheap receiver then consider Van Jefferson or simply bring it back with Scotty Miller who might blow the top off without Antonio Brown in the lineup this week. My favorite bring back is Chris Godwin but Evans should see a bump in targets with Brown out as well.

Week 3 Leverage Plays

I'm adding this section in because I think it needs to be clear that leverage plays are to be sprinkled into your lineup and there's a reason they often go overlooked. It could be a less obvious/high risk play but in fantasy football, nothing is ever as obvious or clear as the market makes it out to be so we want to make sure we are considering a few other pieces that are lower owned. Here's what I'm considering this week.

Washington/Buffalo Mini Game Stack

The Josh Allen game is coming and the Washington defense really hasn't been that formidable thus far. Don't expect Zack Moss to have another multi TD performance nor should you expect this to be a 35-0 blowout that halts Allen's production. Diggs is matchup proof but you can grab the cheaper guys to pair with Allen if you prefer. I'll roll with Stefon Diggs and my bring back is going to be Antonio Gibson. We discussed him a lot on the weekly shows for DFS and Season Long so go check out those episodes if you want to hear the stats we dove into. Ultimately, Gibson is dominating the touches and is priced at $5.9k this week against a tough Buffalo defense. There are more obvious plays around him but Washington currently has the number 1 offensive line in run block win rate while Buffalos defensive line is 18th rush defense win rate. Not bad but certainly an advantage for the Washington defense in a matchup where they must exploit one of the only matchup's for which they have a slight edge this week. These two teams were both top 5 in pace and pass rate last year and I think a close game could force these teams to return to that type of play after being just outside the top 10 in those metrics thus far this year.

Jonathan Taylor

It's time, it simply is. Wentz looks like a go but the Colts will try to set the tone from the jump to avoid Carson McDouble Ankle Sprain Wentz from having to do too much. The Titans defense is heavily susceptible to the pass so even if a big Pittman game gets them the lead early, they will hand it to Taylor as much as possible. The volume has been there, it's simply been a rough go for the Colts so far as they have trailed the whole game in week's 1 and 2. If the Titan's taught us anything, it's that they suck and Henry bailed them out last week.

Rounding Out the Week 3 Draftkings Player Pool

Now that I've given my core targets, the below players will round out my player pool and while I might not use all of them, this is who I'm trying to squeeze into my lineups before lock or who you can place into yours if you need something other than the options above.


  1. Daniel Jones - $5800 against the worst pass defense in the league. He's cheap and should produce just fine today. I expect him to be heavily owned as well but he is super safe today.

  2. Justin Fields - $5200 and similar to Daniel Jones. While the Browns aren't bad, they are a pass funnel and Fields will run the ball quite a bit. He ran it 10 times last week filling in for Dalton and Cleveland's pass rush will force him out of the pocket which is a good thing for DFS purposes. Super cheap with a ton of upside, lock him in and feel good about the discount.

Running Back

  1. Najee Harris - Volume and price. That's what it comes down to sometimes and Big Ben just doesn't have too much of an arm anymore.

  2. Saquon Barkley - It's Atlanta, he's explosive and clearly healthy. Coming off a short week in which he played 80% of the snaps, we can assume Barkley is fine. Now when it comes to finding a hole? I'm not sure he's very good at that so I get the hesitation but at $6500 in a prime matchup and an extra 3 days of rest, the market is feeling a breakout game for him and I'm on board with that thought process.

  3. Alexander Mattison - Great for late swap purposes if Cook is officially ruled out. Phenomenal matchup and Dalvin would have been a lock if he were healthy. Pay attention to news.

  4. Edwards-Helaire - Just reinforcing the cheap price and plus matchup written about above.

Wide Receiver

  1. Seattle/Minnesota - Great game to target and nearly made it into my core. My lineups will have some of these guys correlating in 1v1 scenarios to ensure I am maximizing my lineups ceiling around my primary stacks.

  2. AJ Brown - He's narrowly missed blowing up in weeks 1 and 2 so he will be someone I use as a pivot off of Henry and correlated with Taylor if I can make the pricing work.

  3. Pit/Cincy - Higgins and Dionte Johnson are officially out today so the target shares get bumped for the other guys. With TJ Watt out I actually think Burrow is a very sneaky play here and you could easily stack this game. Chase/Claypool are my favorites for upside then Tyler Boyd. Rounding that out is JuJu and James Washington with the latter being the preferred value.

  4. Hollywood Brown! - Listen to the pod people, sheesh.

  5. Rondale Moore - Leading the team in target share and Hopkins will likely play through an injury. His targets per route run is far and away tops on the team. He should be highly owned so look at Kirk or Edmonds as leverage plays in this game if you already have a chalky lineup.

  6. Laviska Shenault - A very risky/sneaky bring back to your Arizona stacks. Chark and Jones should have more ownership and for good reason, they have the better matchups but Viska is getting the targets, it just hasn't been pretty. The low ADOT and Trevor Lawrence struggles are worrisome but the Jags have to keep pace today and get the ball out of the young QBs hands quicker with more accuracy than they have thus far which means Laviska is the guy. That's the thought process I have with him this week and yes, you should understand the risk but also the importance of leverage.

Tight Ends and Defense

I don't have a preference this week, it honestly just comes down to how much salary I have leftover and who could potentially correlate with the rest of it. All guys $4900 (Pitts) and above are honestly must plays that I feel good about so I'm squeezing in the best fit/price with the rest of my lineup. Hooper and Kmet at $3200 are my cheap guys if I don't have the salary for a Pitts/Andrews/Hockenson this week. As for defense, you know what to do. Find a cheap one playing a quarterback with a bad line and noodle arm. *cough cough Bengals*


  • With several high totals and pace up matchups, you don't have to get cute, you just have to pick your favorite studs and live with it.

  • Your whole lineup does not need to be low owned leverage but a couple can help you climb to the top.

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