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Week 6 DFS Player Pool

The entire week hinges on the mid tier running backs who are typical starters alongside the replacement level running backs who are filling in for an injured starter.
Justin Herbert throws the ball in a week 5 game against the Browns during the 2021 NFL season.
Credit: Mike Nowack/Los Angeles Chargers,

On a week with an incredible amount of value plays, especially at the running back position, I could go on and for days about strategy, leverage, correlation, etc. However, this is not a week where I will play 8-10 lineups. In fact, I am going to build the fewest lineups I have all year with the goal being to have those players hit which should maximize my overall upside. Of course, there's plenty of downside here as well, but I am simply not going to play every single value running back on this slate.

Top Draftkings Game Stacks for Week 6

As always I am going to give you a couple of game stacks to consider when beginning the initial build of your lineups. If you're curious about how previous weeks went then feel free to check out recent posts from the dfs team to get a feel for how we approach the slate on a weekly basis. These games are my primary targets but there will always be a couple of salivating spots I have to eliminate so keep that in mind when reading through this. These are the plays I'm targeting, but there will always be plenty of pivots elsewhere.

Kansas City vs Washington (o/u 54, Situation Neutral Pace: WFT, 7th; KC, 15th)

According to, Kansas City is playing considerably slower in situation neutral than they have in years past but honestly, I can't imagine they come out sluggish again this week. They have to win and its Patrick Mahomes, folks. This is such an obvious and chalky game stack but the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. I'm looking for leverage elsewhere because at some point, it's silly to fade great spots like this and we know the neither defense can stop the other as they are both bottom 5 in passing yards allowed this season.

  • Mahomes/Williams/Hill OR Kelce/McLaurin/Seals-Jones

  • Mahomes/Hardman/Kelce/McLaurin OR Gibson

  • Mahomes/Hill/McLaurin/Seals-Jones

  • Heinicke/McKissic OR Seals - Jones/McLaurin/Darrel Williams OR Hill OR Kelce

  • Fade QBs, correlate RB with opposing pass catcher OR pass catcher/pass catcher

  • Game will be highly owned, Hardman/McKissic are the primary leverage points here

Charger vs Ravens (O/U 51, Situation Neutral Pace: LAC, 1st, BAL, 18th)

I don't know that I really expect another game like last weeks insane total against Cleveland but the Chargers' explosive offense and number one overall situation neutral pace of play will force this game into play volume. It's also looking like Mahomes and Jackson will be the two highest owned quarterbacks on this slate with Herbert currently projected at less than 10%. I don't know how that's possible but he could be phenomenal leverage in this spot. On the Baltimore side, with no clear Running Back leading the way, Lamar should run wild here but I'm only looking at Mark Andrews as a stacking partner since the Chargers are a run funnel while weakest against the TE position when it comes to that strong pass defense.

  • Herbert/Allen/Parham OR Andrews

  • Herbert/Williams/Parham OR Andrews

  • Lamar/Ekeler/Andrews

  • Lamar/Andrews/LAC WR

  • Lamar/LAC WR

  • Amongst all the chalk, Herbert looks like the lowest owned and the Ravens have allowed the 5th most passing yards this season. Another prime spot for Herbert.

Draftkings Mini Stack of the Week

I have to go with Joe Burrow here and, of course, one or two of his pass catchers. Rob and I dove into this stack on the dfs podcast. I actually think the $6700 price tag for Chase will keep his ownership reasonably low and drive that towards Higgins, who is due a nice game. Boyd has the best matchup here but at the end of the day, Chase is still my favorite. I also think you can look at just playing Mixon by himself. With Perine out, he should receive plenty of work in a game that is projected to be surprisingly close with a top 5 total on this slate. Big fan of Mixon here today. If I was playing more than a couple of lineups then this would be an all out game stack for me, hence, it falling into the mini stack category for me. On the other side, you don't have to force it but Swift with that PPR prowess is always under consideration and I do think a nice Hockenson bounce back game is around the corner.

Draftkings Value Plays of the Week

I am dedicating this section to all the value opened up due to injuries even though my lineups will be filled with the players from the above games. However, there is plenty of fantasy goodness to go around at phenomenal prices and the entire slate hinges on some of these players. (Let me just reinforce that these are here for you, I'll only play one or two from each section)

Running Backs

  • Dalvin Cook - Yes, Cook at $7700 is a great value. This is a 9k player, folks.

  • Taylor - Smash spot at $6600

  • Hunt - Chubb is out, what more do you want? $6200

  • Hubbard - My favorite leverage RB play in this value range at $5900, TDs coming, Vikings allow the 4th most YPA

  • Booker - Yuk, putting him here due to volume/chatter but I'm not touching him at $5400

  • Herbert - Incredible spot if Williams is indeed ruled out officially, $4600

Wide Receivers and Tight Ends

  • Kenan Allen - Way to cheap at $6400

  • Woods - Officially back, Rob's favorite value in this range at $6100

  • Thielen - Just stupid cheap at $5800

  • Jakobi Meyers - Safe floor and solid matchup in the slot at $5500, due some TDs too

  • Sterling Shepherd - Going overlooked w/ Jones back and Toney's performance, $5000

  • Robby Anderson - So many Air yards unrealized, $4800

  • Rondale Moore - Routes run per dropback continues to increase, $4600

  • Pats TE's - 12 personnel is the way to beat Dallas, Henry is $3900, Jonnu is 3k

  • Engram - Cheap volume, $3400 but my least favorite

  • Seals Jones - Reinforcing this one here, $3000

  • Parham - Huge end zone target for Herbert with a growing role, $2900


  • Mahomes gonna blow up but over 8k

  • Herbert might be leverage at QB, going overlooked, cheaper than Mahomes

  • The week will be decided by the mid tier RBs, make a decision and live with it

  • Hubbard volume and yardage has been there, TDs coming

  • Cheap TE is the way unless you stack Kelce or Andrews with a QB

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