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Data Driven Insights to dominate season-long Fantasy Football

THe Latest Season-Long Takes

The Season-Long TeAM


Neil O'Donnell

After retiring his football cleats after junior year of high school, Neil hit the hardwood for 4 years of Division 3 college basketball. Specializing in season-long leagues, Neil enjoys diving into fantasy football to fill his need for competitiveness, but especially prefers season-long because he loves the narratives behind each team and player throughout the year. Read his latest articles here.

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Andrew Speight

A jock of all trades and cornhole master in training, sports are part of who Andrew is. Unless of course the shin splints hit, then he’s out. As an FFPC truther, you already know Andrew specializes in unique formats and high-stakes season-long. As your Season-Long Podcast host, the “M.C.” is bringing you the finest content to help win your fantasy football leagues. From Draft Day to Championship week, Andrew will be with you every step of the way.

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Bigg Homie Uzz

Being taller than life really has its benefits, so being 6 foot 9 is super fun! Bigg Uzz has played all types of sports throughout his life, from football to track….all the way to soccer and handball overseas. Uzz is an Accountant by day and fantasy football GM by night. He’s been playing fantasy for over a decade and has dominated all formats. We’re talking dynasty, keepers, IDP leagues. You name it, he’s done it. For Bigg Uzz, winning championships like Tom Brady all comes down to preparation and that’s what he’s here to help you do.

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